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The Art of Selling Your Business Virtual Book Tour

Wednesday, April 28th at 8am

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Starting an exit planning conversation is often the most challenging part of being a broker. To address this, I want to showcase a new tool that can help you get owners to prioritize their exit plan.

It’s a brand-new book called The Art Of Selling Your Business: Winning Strategies And Secret Hacks For Exiting On Top. As a broker, you can create a custom edition of the book, including a foreword written by you, making it the ultimate marketing tool for your exit planning practice.

The Art of Selling Your Business makes a strong case for working with an advisor to get ready to exit

The book includes answers to puzzling questions you can use to start a conversation with a business owner, including:

1. When’s the right time to sell?
2. How should I value my business?
3. What are the biggest mistakes owners make when they sell?
4. How do I get multiple offers?
5. What information do I need to give to a buyer (and when)?
6. How do I maximize an acquisition offer?
7. Where do I find acquirers?
8. How do I attract an offer from an acquirer without looking like I’m desperate to sell?
9. How many companies should I approach?